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November 29, 2018


(English - Slovensky) 




Jeffrey Ronny Polnaja, an Indonesian biker who is travelling around the world on a mission he called as „ride for peace“, is visiting Slovakia on August 29 – September 1, 2008.   

 The globetrotting man’s journey began in April 23, 2006 from the Indonesian Capital, Jakarta and his “peace ride” has taken him to 62 countries and by the time he finishes his journey he will have visited 100 countries in all five continents covering more than 330,000 km.

Jeffrey Polnaja is the first Indonesian biker to explore the world on a motorcycle solo and he dedicated his mission for worldwide peace and to strengthen people-to-people ties. On his German-made 1150cc adventure bike, especially designed for long journeys and difficult terrains, Polnaja, who is 46, has visited some troubled regions in the world like the Middle East and also Afghanistan.

During his visit in Slovakia, Polnaja would like to voice his concern about peace in the world and asked Slovak community, including the media in Slovakia, to support his concern.

More information about Polnaja’s „ride for peace“ can be obtained through website www.rideforpeace.info